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I'm Katemonster, aged 28.

Fandom is my fandom. I also like music, queer and trans* theory/issues, intersectional feminism, history and the internet. Plus also puppies. I only post things that make me happy. That's the new rule. I'm way into One Direction right now, so please don't be surprised to see boybanders around, along with MCU/Avengers stuff, mainly Captain America. I have an opendoor tagging policy (if you need any posts tagged for any reason, please just let me know. Tumblr Savior only works if we work it) and never-ending unfollowing amnesty. I will never get mad if you unfollow me (unless we're for-realsies friends, and then I will cry.)
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it started as a joke and it’s now an otp
that wonderful ship that you were like “yeah right” and now you are like “FUCKING DAMN IT” (via ashketchumwrites)

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i hope liam nuzzles niall’s chest hair with his beard and then giggles after niall squirms and they both totally pretend they aren’t about to rub off against each other with the news droning on the background

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So Hank, what's the deal with Pluto right now? Is it a planet or not?
k8monster k8monster Said:


Pluto is not a planet. The IAU (in my book) gets to decide what the definition of a planet is because there has to be a definition and they are by far the most qualified body to define it. 

Pluto does not meet that definition, and thus should not be considered a planet. I agree with their definition, but even if I didn’t I would submit to it because I am not an expert. 

Recently, three people sat in a room and argued about whether pluto was a planet. The audience then voted…and they voted that Pluto was a planet. That, of course, means nothing. If you want random groups of people to define scientific terms…it’s going to be hard to get any actual science done. 

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Today on Social Anxiety Theatre: mentally rehearsing elaborate justifications for completely innocuous actions just in case some hypothetical interlocutor demands an explanation.


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"That’s personally what I want from the band; to be able to see the world with my sisters."

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