personal holiness is complicated

I'm Katemonster, aged 29.

Fandom is my fandom. I also like music, queer and trans* theory/issues, intersectional feminism, history and the internet. Plus also puppies. I only post things that make me happy. That's the new rule. I'm way into One Direction right now, so please don't be surprised to see boybanders around, along with MCU/Avengers stuff, mainly Captain America. I have an opendoor tagging policy (if you need any posts tagged for any reason, please just let me know. Tumblr Savior only works if we work it) and never-ending unfollowing amnesty. I will never get mad if you unfollow me (unless we're for-realsies friends, and then I will cry.)
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AND I am kicking this cabling’s ASS. YEAH, BABY.

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